Monday, 19 October 2015


Modern time is not a bouquet of ideal relations. We all face conflicts in our daily life. These conflicts can be with our loved one(s), spouse, our children, bosses, colleagues, subordinates, business rivals, relatives or within ourselves. we tend to miss out the training on emotional; intelligence, while we strive to excel in our academic standing and our professional status. 

Research shows that most successful people owe their achievement more to their ability to handle difficult people and situations than their technical expertise. 

In the modern times where stressors and desires are never ending; training on behavioral integrity and composure is already a part of individual's lives in the world. In our part of the world, however,  even on the family front, no amount of formal training is sought, for instance, before or after marriage, which is a life time contract! There is a desperate need to train ourselves for the future challenges of emotional veracity, for the sake of ourselves and that of our children. 

Today the stressors are less of physical nature and more related to emotional load. Despite this major shift in type of stressors, our body still reacts like that of the man in the Stone Age. The stone-age man would like to run for his life on the sight of an attacking wild beast. this extra energy would come into him by body's natural release  of hormones and neurotransmitters, which would increase blood supply to his arms (to fight) and legs (to flight).  

Even today, while there are no wild beasts; when tensed, angry or in fear, we forget lovely relations and even forget some basic things because the blood supply to the brain is 'reduced' (e.g., Imagine yourself in angry state that how we forget many relations/consequences). It means that whenever we get into abnormal limits of stress or stay in a stressful routine, there is a visible blocking phenomenon of memory, relationship understanding, and cognitive abilities. These stressors are in abundance in the presence of a busy life. 

Cell phones, deadlines, traffic jams, financial challenges, relationship difficulties and various issues related to modern life, results into great yet unhealthy mental gymnastic.   

We at MEETING MATTERS are a group of psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors who believe introducing tools of a quality of life to our community. It will not only improve our health; it would improve our decision making process. It would improve our business potential and our ability to handle stressful conditions. In fact, the ability to handle stress is one of the deciding factors between successful and not-so-successful people. Because, if we are aware of such factors, we can make our lives and those of our children, family & friends safer and healthier. 

Please join us for our weekly group sessions on various emotional, behavioral, and inter-personal issues. You can help yourself, your family, co-workers, team members and friends by suggesting this training. 

We can also provide individual therapies with full confidentiality; whether related to relations, studies, job, business, health and anything related to your mental health and well being. 

Thank You for your attention towards our vision of improving quality of life, in general- life of our family, friends and co-workers in particular. 

M. Anjum
Director- Meeting Matters